Measure ring size

All fingers have a different size (= ring width). The ring finger of the right hand differs in diameter from the ring finger of the left hand.The fingers are thicker in the heat and in the evening, thinner in the morning and cold.With a diet, the finger loses its circumference as well as it becomes thicker in the opposite case.
1. Determine the finger on which the ring is to be worn.
2. The finger is measured during the day at “normal temperature”.
3. You are not on a diet.

There is already a ring that fits you exactly

You measure the inside diameter of your ring with a ruler.
The ring should have a round shape and be closed if possible.
Attention: measuring is a matter of millimeters!
Here you will find the conversion table into your ring size:

Inside diameter

Ringsize 48 = 15,3 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 50 = 15,9 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 52 = 16,5 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 54 = 17,2 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 56 = 17,8 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 58 = 18,4 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 60 = 19,1 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 62 = 19,7 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 64 = 20,3 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 66 = 21,0 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 68 = 21,6 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 70 = 22,3 mm (Inside diameter)

Ringsize 72 = 22,9 mm (Inside diameter)

You want to measure your ring size

You can determine your ring size with a tape measure or a cord.
Where the ring is to be worn, put the thread or the measuring tape around your finger. Please make sure to measure the length of the string exactly with the ruler. Here, too, it is millimeters that are decisive for the right size!
Here you will find the conversion table into your ring size:

Inner circumference

Ringsize 48 = 48 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 50 = 50 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 52 = 52 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 54 = 54 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 56 = 56 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 58 = 58 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 60 = 60 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 62 = 62 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 64 = 64 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 66 = 66 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 68 = 68 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 70 = 70 mm (Inner circumference)

Ringsize 72 = 72 mm (Inner circumference)

Measure bracelet size

You can use a tape measure to measure your wrist circumference. Alternatively, you can use a cord.
Place the cord or tape measure around your wrist to measure.
The cord is marked at the end.
Measure the length (= wrist circumference) with the ruler on the marked cord.
To be sure that your bracelet fits comfortably, add 0.5 – 1 cm to your result.

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